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You know, I have not yet tried it.
But back when I got my Book Port Plus, I remember that some others were delighted with the ability of that device to do just this very thing. To connect the device to the input jack, and the other end to their turntable and cassette players and to make MP3 recordings of their content this way. There is a settings change you make in the System menu, however where you change that input from Microphone to Auxiliary input. And if I remember correctly, there was a way to them put the recordings in to a daisy format or something to split out the content.

HTH someone.
Of course, best place to really get the skinny on this is at the APH website or on the BPP discussion forum.


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Hi there.
You want to connect from the source such as a tape deck into the
line in jack on your computer, definitely not the microphone jack
because you will likely overload it with a line level signal from
stereo equipment like that.

If the turntable has a USB jack, by all means use that. If not, it
needs to first go through a receiver or preamp, something
containing a phono stage, whatever you use when you listen to your
records. That boosts the signal enough that it can then get sent
along to your computer.

We're straying off the topic of Jaws though.


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