Re: Excel not speaking the first digit when a number is entered

Van Lant, Robin

There is a quick keyboard way to also maximize a child window in Excel, but I’m blanking on it.  I’m not thinking this is the issue this person is dealing with, but I’ll share the keyboard command as soon as I can recall it. I think it’s Alt then the minus or hyphen  on the number row, but I cannot test it until I find an Excel file that needs to be maximized.  For me, this usually only occurs when I download a report from a tool here at work. 






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Subject: Re: Excel not speaking the first digit when a number is entered



this rather makes think about something related to unusual view mode where Jaws is lost. It is like the main sheet window is too small. Theb try the following:

Press Windows key+Up arrow to maximize Excel main window. If that doesn't fix the issue then:

Press Insertion+numpad Minus to bring the Jaws cursor to your sheet,

then with arrow keys, place it to the title of your document on the top and press numpad slash twice in order to emulate double-click. This would expand the window of current sheet.




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Wow, I haven't seen any of this behavior in Excel.   There are certainly configuration differences with whether users have JAWS set to read contents, cell coordinates, or both, but this is different.  Wish I had an idea for you.   Maybe temporarily use JAWS default settings to see if the issue is resolved.  Use the layered command of JAWS key spacebar, then z.   
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Subject: Excel not speaking the first digit when a number is entered
Excel 2016; JAWS 2019, windows 10.
When I type a number into a cel and press tab, JAWS speaks all the 
digits except the first one.  So '23' becomes '3', "2003' 
becomes  "003", '2203' becomes '203', and so on.  Am I the only one 
experiencing this?
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