JAWS, Windows 7 and Outlook 2003

Londa Peterson <lpeterson@...>

I have a student who is running Windows 7 and using Office 2003. He is
having great difficulty with Outlook. I can't even get JAWS to focus on it.
I've tried alt tabbing to it. I've used insert+f10 and pressed enter on it
from there. I found it on the taskbar and pressed enter on that, but no go
there either. I even tried using the JAWS cursor to navigate into it, but
it lost focus as soon as I routed the PC cursor to JAWS. I can focus on the
menus that way, but I still can't focus on the actual message list. I
can't get it to stay in focus so I can even work on it. I did manage to
turn off the navigation and reading paines before I lost focus, but that
made it worse. I did manage to use the JAWS cursor to turn the navigation
paine back on in case that was the problem. That didn't work either. Does
anyone have any ideas. If I can't fix this, I'll have to switch him to
Windows Live Mail and hope to have better luck with that.

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