Issue with recent Jaws 2019 update and Outlook 2016 spellcheck


Hello list,

So to the point, After updating Jaws 2019 with the recent April release, I’m noticing that when I try using the spellcheck function of listing all misspellings/typos with the shift+alt+L command, Outlook straight up just crashes.

This is with a retail license Outlook Subscription Version 16.0.11601.20144.

F7 is fine and so are other features like text analyzer, but for whatever reason, when I do this particular shift+alt+L command, Bye bye Outlook.

I’ve tried copying text to the clipboard before invoking this keyboard command and it seems that after the crash the text isn’t saved to paste later. This crashing behavior isn’t something that happens every single time, but enough that I’ve noticed it.

Anyone else dealing with this?



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