Creating a worksheet with text and pictures

Justin Mcdevitt <jhmcdev@...>

Hello list-members:


Although I have been a JAWS user since 1989, (both in the workplace and at home), I’ve not ventured very far from the standard uses of JAWS beyond  familiar applications.

At present, I am involved in some ESL tutoring here in the Twin Cities. Not surprisingly, a lot of visual props are used in various lessons to further assist in learning new vocabulary. What I would like  to do is create a worksheet that includes vocabulary words, or sentences where the word is used and in some instances include a picture next to or below the word or sentence: not sure about formatting here.)

There are a number of websites that offer a diversity of photos/images that can be used in the area of literacy instruction. I am reaching out to persons on this list that can provide direction in combining text an pictures in creating a worksheet. I would guess it’s a matter of copying the photo into the Word file that contains the electronic worksheet. Also, as is sometimes the case, is this the kind of process where some sighted help is recommended to make sure that everything is aligned properly?


Any and all help is appreciated.


Best to all of you, Justin

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