Justin Mcdevitt

Hello List-members,


I recently received a small inheritance and am considering investing in a braille Notetaker, specifically the ElBraille. In this regard, I understand that Freedom Scientific is introducing a new model in the near future.

If anyone here owns this device, I would appreciate some honest feedback/perspective regarding its ease of use, versatility etc.

I have a Brailliant BI 32 which I have used off/on in conjunction with a laptop. However, I find this set-up cumbersome and I’ve never felt all that comfortable using the Brailliant, as there are times while I am using it, that it will jump to a new page in a Word document where I am taking notes. I am considering selling it.

The ElBraille is more or less like a laptop, using a Perkins keyboard which I appreciate.

I would appreciate any and all responses.


Best, Justin

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