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Rick Mladek

Hi Kevin,


Regarding the description of the graphics/images, alt text is your best bet to keep the page neat an uncluttered. Jaws will read all you put in and those that can see, they’ll see the graphic and know what to do visually…


Brief explanations may cause confusion, if to explain the link, a middle of the road amount will be beneficial other than more info. Ex: graphic of  a more link. The alt text can say more but that tells us nothing, even for those sighted. If the graphic and alt text were to have something as, read more about common jobs for those vision impaired or blind. Then the visitor would not get frustrated searching a website longer than necessary. We all have experienced this haven’t we?




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Sent: Thursday, May 2, 2019 10:19 AM
Subject: Graphics and pictures on a web site


Hello, I’m taking a web development class. The final project is to create a detailed web site. AS a blind user I want to make this site as user friendly to screen readers. I have some scenarios below. Please provide me with feedback on what works for you.


Link has a graphic and there is no text. Would you prefer just the link, text and graphic? Or it doesn’t say there is a graphic and does say link and then text telling you the use of the link.


There is a picture used for decorative purposes. The screen reader recognizes the picture and says graphic. Sometimes there will be text and other times no text. Would you prefer the screen reader saying graphic and then the text explaining the picture? Or just the graphic? Or nothing at all?


When the graphics do have text do you like it to be very detailed? Or is it okay to just say something like “more information”? I say “more information as I have seen this many times.


Those that use something to in large the text, what colors work best for you when viewing a web site?


If you have any other comments about problems you encounter on a web site let me know.




Kevin Meyers


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