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Friends I am interested in helping a JAWS user client to access her Gmail effectively. She does not have outlook unfortunately so she is having to use her browser and go to GMail
Can anyone supply me with some JAWS and gmail hit keys to help? I know when G Mail opens she can press T for table to get to the inbox. Anything else would be much appreciated
Thank you kindly,

On May 2, 2019, at 7:28 AM, John Covici <covici@ccs.covici.com> wrote:

Does this speaking these strange characters happen with other
synthesizers or just the tripple talk? I have had some websites where
the tripple talk does not work, but other synths do work.

On Thu, 02 May 2019 06:42:41 -0400,
Rick Mladek wrote:

Hi All,

To begin, I thank you all for helping Zel and me with the sluggishness of Jaws due to not disabling the graphics accelerator option. This did show a great amount of improvement but I still notice some sluggishness, but not as bad, in MS Xcell.

Now, let’s work on a couple more issues I have with Jaws.

First, I could be going down through a website one line at a time when Jaws begins to read some sort of java script. It just continues to read so many characters of all kinds. Including letters, numbers and symbols as punctuation marks etc. It is reading at a very high speed, as well and it is difficult to hear all characters read aloud.

There is no way to stop this and I either have to do a hard shut down since the pc now becomes frozen while Jaws goes crazy or I turn off my external synthesizer and jaws and then go through a process of turning all back on in a special sequence.

I use: Windows 10, Jaws 2019 latest update and a triple-talk USB external synthesizer. My pc has 8 GB of ram and has plenty of amount when I put a test on the system with many programs open and functioning simultaneously.

Is there a setting or a hopeful fix to prevent this from happening? This is very difficult when I am going over code received from colleagues and my pc goes senile on me.

Next, when I hit F7 to do a spell check, Jaws practically goes to sleep. I hit escape or tab over to the original outlook message and copy paste into a Microsoft Word document to do the spell/grammar check.

Any thoughts on this baffling issue?

I hope to hear of all your thoughts regarding these problems addressed.

Thanks to all,


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