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Richard B. McDonald

Hi Sieghard!


I noticed in your below that you use Sage 50 Accounting 2014.  How accessible is it with JAWS 2019?





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Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 8:02 PM
Subject: Re: JAWS Update, J2019.1904.60 Download Link + What's New


I use Outlook and Excel all the time, often have several Google Chrome tabs/windows open plus usually
Sage 50 accounting and my point of sale software and I often go weeks without a Jaws crash. I am not saying I have some issues with Windows 10, I do and they are mostly related to the fact that I can’t read some stuff with the Jaws cursor which I used to be able to read under Windows 7, but strictly from a stability perspective Windows 10 is amazing and while my 2014 version of Sage 50 does sometimes go down the drain, Jaws, Excel and Outlook crashes are extremely rare.

I guess everybody’s system is different, I do have a high-end laptop at home, but at work all 4 PC’s we use there are mini PC’s, two of them Intel NUC with an I3 and an I5 processor, the other two are HP EliteDesk 800 mini PC’s, one has an I5 and one has an I7 processor. All of them except for the I3 system run very well, the I3 system which has 12 Gb of RAM is a bit sluggish even though it does have an Intel SSD, I certainly would never buy an I3 again..




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