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Rick Mladek

Thanks, best to purchase than to spend much more over time with the monthly plan…


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You can still buy software.  Office 365 gives you up to 5 licenses.  Each individual, can even be a friend, receives all MS products and 1gb of One Drive space.  Cost is $99US.  Also Office 365 gives you ongoing updates from Microsoft.  Just depends whether subscription or purchasing the software meets your needs. 

PS  When you get Office 365 you still actually get the software downloaded to your computer. I am not suggesting one way or the other just laying out the Office 365 plan.



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What is the cost to upgrade to 365? Isn’t there now  a monthly cost and not as the old with buying the software outright?


Please send me a copy as mentioned to my home email address and I’ll give it a try…


Thanks bunches,




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Have you tried using office 365? Maybe it is the Office 10 that is the issue.
I could temporarily give you access to a copy to see if that fixes it.
On 4/30/2019 11:55 AM, Rick Mladek wrote:



With my work, I have outlook-2010 running, Ms Word-2010 MS XCell-2010 and at least one or two browsers of which I am forced to give up on IE due to Jaws just not working well enough anymore. I use Windows 10 and the latest Jaws 2019 before this said update. I lose Jaws, or it crashes or I have to shut it down due to it’s ability to function at a level I can tolerate a few times each day. This only became as bad as it is with the 2019 release.




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I dont seem to have very many issues with that in windows 7 or 10. It may depend on the apps you run.
Do you use MS office alot? Outlook, MS mail or Access?
On 4/30/2019 11:19 AM, Dan Longmore wrote:

Yes and now if they could just make the program more stable and less crash prone.



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Some really useful additions this time 'round.
On 4/30/2019 10:17 AM, Mike B wrote:

Hi All,


Below is the direct download link for todays release of build J2019.1904.60 and what's new in this release.


32 & 64 bit:



Enhancements in JAWS 2019.1904.60 (April 2019)
The following is a list of improvements made in JAWS 2019 between the March 2019 update and the April 2019 update.


To download the latest release, visit the
Downloads web page.
You must be logged on as an administrator to install this software.


Improved Heading Navigation When Using the Numbers Row


For years, users have been able to use 1 through 6 on the numbers row to move to specific heading levels on web pages. For instance, 1 for level 1 headings,
2 for level 2 headings, 3 for level 3 headings, and so on. However, this type of navigation only allowed you to move to headings equal or lower than the
level you were trying to move by. For example, if you attempted to move to a level 3 heading, but the very next heading was a level 2, JAWS would announce:
"No more headings at level 3 in this section," and would not move past the level 2 heading.


Beginning with the April 2019 update, you can now move to any given heading level on a page and if it is under a different higher precedence heading, the
immediately higher precedence heading will be read so you know that the new heading belongs to a different section. For example, if you attempt to move
to a level 3 heading which causes you to jump past a level 2 heading, JAWS will announce the level 2 heading prior to announcing the level 3 heading so
you know you have moved into a new section. You can also choose to have JAWS play a sound to indicate when you move into a new section or you can switch
back to the prior behavior which restricted heading navigation to the current section.


To configure how JAWS navigates headings when using the numbers 1 through 6, open Settings Center (INSERT+6 on the numbers row), type "heading" into the
Search edit box, select the "Heading Navigation Using 1-6" option, and then use the SPACEBAR to choose the setting you want. Alternatively, open Quick
Settings (INSERT+V) from your browser and configure the "Heading Navigation" setting.


Support for MathType Content When Reading in Office 365 Word Documents


You can now use JAWS or Fusion to read and study math problems in Word documents created using the MathType software from Design Science. To use this feature,
you must do the following:


• Make sure you are running the April 2019 release of JAWS or Fusion along with Microsoft Word from Office 365.
• Install MathType from
 and activate the software as a trial or actual license.
• In Settings Center, make sure the "Use Accessibility Driver for Screen Capture" check box is selected.


When you encounter a math equation or formula in a document, JAWS reads the problem and then says "Math Content." You can then press INSERT+SPACEBAR followed
by EQUALS to open the JAWS Math Viewer so you can study the equation in greater detail.


Once the Math Viewer is opened, you can navigate individual parts of an equation like variables, terms, coefficients, exponents, etc. As you navigate to
the various components, pressing DOWN ARROW will let you drill down into and navigate within that level of the equation using LEFT and RIGHT ARROW. Pressing
UP ARROW will move you back to the prior level. In addition, if you have a Braille display and JAWS is set to United States English or Unified English
Braille Grade 1 or Grade 2, the math equation or formula will be displayed in Nemeth Braille. Pressing ESC will close the Math Viewer and return to the


See our
MathType Sample Demonstration document
 for examples of how JAWS and Fusion can enable students to access math content.


Visit the
Design Science
 website for more details about MathType.


Easy Access to Answer or Disconnect From a Skype Call Using the Desktop Application Version 8.42 or Higher


In Skype for Desktop 8.42 and later, JAWS or Fusion now provides keystrokes for answering or disconnecting a call from any application as well as moving
focus into the Skype main window. Note that these keystrokes are only available in the Skype for Desktop application. They will not work in the Skype for
Windows 10 universal app from the Microsoft store or the Skype for Business app.


To answer an incoming call, press INSERT+SPACEBAR, y followed by UP ARROW. To disconnect from a call, press INSERT+SPACEBAR, y followed by DOWN ARROW.
To move focus directly into the Skype window, press INSERT+SPACEBAR, Y followed by S.


Other Changes
• When performing the monthly updates of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion, the shortcut keystroke on the Desktop Icon used to launch the application, will no
longer be removed during the update process.
• JAWS now offers localizations for Swedish and Italian when performing a full install.
• In the Amazon Kindle app, JAWS and Fusion now supports reading and navigating inside tables.
• Resolved an issue where you could not use the keyboard to interact with the controls in the Display Options dialog box in the Amazon Kindle app.
• If Track Changes is turned on in a Word document, you can now use INSERT+SHIFT+R to list revisions in footnotes, endnotes, and comments in addition to
the main document. Note that this command only lists revisions in the currently active pane. For example, pressing INSERT+SHIFT+R from the Document pane
will list revisions in the main document while pressing this keystroke from within a footnote will only list revisions found in footnotes.
• If a word document contained more than 150 revisions, resolved an issue where the number of revisions was not being reported correctly when using INSERT+SHIFT+R.
• The "Document and Web Pages Automatically Read When Loaded" option in Settings Center is now enabled by default in PowerPoint. When you start a presentation
and move to the next or previous slide, JAWS automatically begins reading the current slide.
• In Excel, JAWS and Fusion now indicates in both speech and Braille if a cell contains a data type.
• Resolved an issue where pressing INSERT+E was not announcing the default button in a Chrome dialog box.
• Addressed a reported issue where the aria-required attribute was not being indicated as expected in Internet Explorer while navigating with the Virtual
• Addressed reported issues where JAWS and Fusion was not consistently reading elements that use the aria-describedby" or title attributes while tabbing
through a page.
• If you are inside a table in a Google Docs document and you press INSERT+SPACEBAR, Q to activate the Quick Nav mode, you can now use the ARROW keys to
move to each cell. You can also use CTRL+UP/DOWN ARROW to move to the top or bottom of the current column, CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT ARROW to move to the beginning
or end of the current row, and CTRL+HOME/END to move to the beginning or end of the table.
• For users of the Focus Blue Braille Display, you can now press a Selector button along with the Left or Right NAV Mode button to toggle speech on or
off for the corresponding NAV Rocker. When enabled, JAWS will speak as you scroll by line, sentence, or paragraph. This setting is off by default for both
NAV Rockers.
• Added additional information to installer error messages such as when you include an invalid language code when using the /language command line argument.
• You can now press INSERT+F8 in the Skype for Desktop application to display a list of JAWS keystrokes specific to Skype. You can then select the action
you want to perform and press ENTER.
• The "Prompt to Confirm when Exiting JAWS" option has been added to the Run JAWS Settings page of the Startup Wizard.
• When using Braille in a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) app, JAWS now includes the name and type of the current window on the braille display to
make it easier for Braille users to know when a new window opens.
• In Microsoft Teams, addressed issues with reading chat messages as well as removed extra speech that was heard when attempting to join a meeting.
• Added necessary changes to JAWS to support Gaaiho Doc, Nuance Power PDF, and Nuance Power PDF once these products are released by Nuance.
• Improved how JAWS reads incoming text when connected to remote sites using SecureCRT or other SSH software such as Windows TelNet.
• Added support for the latest Remote Desktop Terminal Services client from Microsoft.
• Due to issues with the Weather Research It lookup source, it will no longer appear in the Research It dialog box (INSERT+SPACEBAR, R) by default until
a solution is found. In addition, the Amazon Product Search lookup source has also been removed due to ongoing issues which we are continuing to investigate.



Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Dodgers!
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