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Curtis Delzer

Hi, I am thinking of buying one of these for my wife since her t750 with it's built-in batteries is getting iffy. where are the 6 keys for macros as such placed? does it have a rather long "throw" etc. Many thanks

Curtis Delzer
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Rialto, CA

On 4/25/2019 10:44 AM, Robert Logue wrote:
I have the Logitech g613 wireless gaming keyboard.  I like it.

The bad:

Reviewers say the mechanical keys are not as good as the best available.

The software to create macro keys is not intuitive but the latest version is at least accessible.

It is heavy.

I like; the very fast action.

I can control 2 different computers. One using the proprietary USB dong.e and the other through Bluetooth.

Both work real well without the problems I had with other wireless keyboards.  It works without dropouts and repeats even in the worst positions in my home for wireless reception.

It is also easier on my hands.  I have some RSI and find this works the best of any keyboard I've owned.  I can type longer and with fewer mistakes with less discomfort.

I had a ergonomic keyboard but it was not comfortable for me.

Another plus for me is that it uses standard batteries. I use rechargeable Eneloop batteries that hold their charge for a very long time and without developing memory problems. Much better than having to buy a new device when the internal lithium batteries stop working in just a few years.

The real reason I have the g613 is because I wanted a wireless keyboard with every key, especially the context or access key; which is missing from most keyboards now.

It was the only model in the store that had this key so I took it even though it doesn't get the highest praise for it's keys.  I'm so glad I did because the action feels very good to me.

This turned out to be a review.  It was prompted inspired by the original thread but makes no comment on that thread.


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