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Hi, Kurt:
Well, I have jaws 13 and lol, I am not getting anywhere.

Also, before anyone harps on this topic, I know there are more important
things in life besides facebook and the games they have. I'm just the
curious George type and also stubborn and would like to know how, if at all
possible to have jfw work with fb and Farmville.
Curt, feel free when you are board to write me off list and lets talk about
the pet pubs game or u can post here how you play it using jaws.

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I found that many aren't accessible because there's graffics. However, they
say in jaws 13 it's supposed to read graffics. There was a game on face
book I could play though. Pet Pubs
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Ok, how accessible/duable is things such as Farmville and games on
facebook for blind computer users?

I would love input.


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