Re: Trouble With Right Alt+Arrow Keys


On Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 10:33 AM, Dave Durber wrote:
The one feature, which most of all  I would like to turn off/disable, is the sodding, annoying, interfering feature, Cortana.
I dislike Cortana probably as much as you do.   That being said, one can completely avoid using Cortana and even in her "neutered form" on my machines I very, very seldom do except when I need to search for something based upon file contents rather than file name, which is my norm.   If you're someone who routinely searches for content by file name, then the first thing you should do, whether on Windows 10 or not, is install the Everything Search tool from   It's what I use for searching my machines as my primary tool, and that includes on Windows 7 machines, too.   There is a portable and installable version, but since I use it multiple times per day and want the index it creates to be updated as files get added/removed, I use the installable version.   It indexes only on file name, and you can control where it looks to create its index.

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