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Dave Durber

Hello Annabell:
Someone earlier in this thread, mentioned a program called SharpKeys, which I am definitely going to try.
Dave Durber

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Yeah, all I ask is for some help with this strange behavior with Alt keys in JAWS, , and I get attacked by Marty's signature with its religious talk (I'm not religious, thank you), as well as other things too horrible to mention. And David, you don't need to use my full name, it makes you sound like you're mad at me. I'm not your daughter and you're not my father. I would appreciate if everybody please call me Annabelle. So, back to where we started. What do I do to fix the Right Alt key? Is there a way to make it behave like the Left Alt key? I mean, Left and Right Shift keys behave the same for the most part. Why not the Alt keys?

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This is turning into a personal attack... Not cool...
On 4/23/2019 3:53 PM, David & his pack of dogs wrote:

I agree with Annabelle.  Why use an electric stove, when cooking over an open fire works.  Why ride in a vehicle when you can ride on a horse.  Why ride a horse when you can walk. Why walk with shoes when walking bare foot is cheaper.   You get my meaning of course. Some love living in the past which in some ways is not that bad.  Where it becomes bad is when they refuse to move forward in their thinking and complain about everything new. To quote Annabelle, I  am not changing my colours for anyone. One should not complain about the health of a horse when they know it is very old. They should also not complain and expect the old horse to still function like a younger horse. Brian, I think you need to help Annabelle and do like some dog trainers do.  Take the clients money then tell them their dog is beyond hope and they should just put him or her down.    

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Not even for yourself?  I too was a big fan of XP and am currently a Windows 7 user, but I know that all good things must come to an end and so I will have to move on to Windows 10.  They say that it is better and more stable, but there is a learning curv and the older I get, I just don’t have time for that.  I wish that if something was not broken, that no one would fix it.  By the way, When did this topic get hijacked?


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I'm not willing to change my colors for anyone.

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I agree with Brian, Windows 7 is a thing of the past and you really should make the jump to Windows 10 whenever it is that you get a new computer. Besides the fact that Windows 7 will have no more support in less than a year, Windows 10 at least by now is so superior to Windows 7 in almost any way, crashes which I had on a very regular bases with Windows 7 are probably reduced by 95% in Windows 10, it’s Stabil and fast and as Brian also said, all screenreader support and development is for Windows 10. You may like things others don’t have, but really, a floppy drive, I mean why on earth would you want a floppy drive? If you have old floppies put what’s on them on a USB stick or an external drive or a DVD, but I’m really curious what the point of one is?

Also, you would be much better off with a 500 Gb or so SSD as your main system drive, then add a good quality hard drive with a larger capacity if you need lots of storage, the system performance will be double or better overall and if you want a fast system you really do need an SSD or your hard drive becomes the proverbial bottle neck in your nice new machine.



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Windows 7 is what I use, so even if support ends, I'll still be happy with what I have.

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The end of support for Windows 7 is also now only 8 months away, so it makes no sense, if one is going to continue into the future under the Windows ecosystem, to use Windows 7.

The folks that develop JAWS and other screen readers aren't going to "instantly" drop support for Windows 7, but it will eventually be dropped, and probably much faster than support for XP and Vista were dropped during the Windows 7/8/early-10 era given the changes in the underlying architecture of Windows.

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