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Yes, I know about using Sound Forge, Sonar, etc. And even with JAWS it's a
multiple-step process. I know that Roxio had a program at one point called
something like LP Capture that worked fairly well with JAWS, using the JAWS
cursor quite a bit. It would benefit from a good dose of Hot Spot Clicker,
I'm sure. In any case that program was designed to "listen" to the audio as
it was being recorded, and in addition to adding de-clicking, rumble, hiss,
and crackle reduction, also detected the silent gaps and started a new wave
file at that point. A very nice concept, but fiddly and only partially
accessible at best.

DeadCatBounce, if you Google Roxio and "LP Capture" you may find this
somewhere out there, since I think it came as an OEM with some CD burners.

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I don't know about automatic track splitting, sorry. It's really
easy to select portions of audio in Sound Forge, for example, and
just copy, cut, paste etc. as need be.

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