Re: Trouble With Right Alt+Arrow Keys

David & his pack of dogs

Maybe it has had too much Kentucky sipping whisky?  LOL.  Just a little humor to throw on this flammable topic. 


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On Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 02:37 PM, Curtis Delzer wrote:

You may communicate with the people in Kentucky who made the keyboard

Actually the best piece of advice, and something I would presume was the first step, but after seeing it realize it very well may not have been.

Something's afoot that's making this keyboard generate a character that is not actually shown on any of the images of said keyboard on the website, which does suggest it's some sort of optional feature that can be configured somehow.   If it's not, then they need to explain why the key is labeled ALT when it is not generating the same ALT as the other ALT key does.

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