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Yes, correct, Alt GR is useful on European keyboards to type in special characters, but also emulates Ctrl+Alt combinations. Therefore, when pressing right Alt+any arrow key, you're actually emulating Ctrl+Alt+arrow key which for Jaws means "move within a table".

If you don't want to deal with keyboard remapping you can try this: press Insert+3 to ignore next command and pass it through to Windows. Then press right Alt+arrow key. But you'll need to do this each time you want to use right Alt key+arrow keys.



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ALT GR is for entering characters for other languages.


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It didn't come with any software. Just the keyboard. However, I talked to Troy at Unicomp a few minutes ago, and he did tell me about Alt GR, which I'm still a bit confused about. What's Alt GR?


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Still the same layout as the Ultra Classic with regard to the keys under discussion.  This one is a real throwback design wise (and that's not a criticism).  Really tall keys, nice rake, an actual 6-pack above the arrow keys - quite nice.

It is still very odd that they did not use reflected symmetry for the repeated keys that surround the space bar, but so long as you know where they are, these should work as they do on any other keyboard.   That is, unless they have a custom keyboard driver associated with this model, in which case you'd have to make certain that's been installed.

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