Re: Trouble With Right Alt+Arrow Keys


On Tue, Apr 23, 2019 at 10:01 AM, John Covici wrote:
You would need to get another product key to put Windows 7 on more
than one computer.
This is true if the original license is not multi-machine.   But, if it's single machine, and the license is a retail license, you can reinstall it on a new machine provided the old one is decommissioned (that is, not running or at least not running with Windows 7 using that same license anymore).

Using Windows XP as a daily driver and interacting with cyberspace is just a very bad idea.   I actually believe, based on my own observations, that the worst risks (as in most active attempts to compromise those systems) have passed now since there is no large, tempting target of users of XP anymore.  That doesn't eliminate the risk posed by those who "hack for amusement" and who get their jollies by making systems crash and burn.   I'd never use XP to do anything involving cyberspace where any credentials need to be entered where identity theft or theft of money would be easy were they obtained.  I'd never use XP, period, with a connection to the internet these days.  I do have one very old XP laptop that has been preserved strictly for a specific piece of software that runs on it and that functions fine with no connection with cyberspace.

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