importing wlm address book to thunderbird?


is there a thunderbird add on or something to import the address book from wlm
to tb?
at first i was able to eventually find the wlm export button with the mouse.
but i can't find it now.
with tb 60.6 nothing talks with jaws 2019
all it says is does the first field have name fields with a check box.
and the next button.
from what i found on google there is two windows on this screen and i am
suppose to position each field from the imported file to the correct field of
the tb fields by moveing them up or down.
but none of this talks.
not with jaws,window eyes, n v d a or narrator.
with windows 7
so far i am getting no where.
i manage to do it once but only the name was in the right place. the email
address was in another place.

thanks for info.

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