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Maybe its alt to the right of the spacebar instead of windows??

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The keyboard I have is made by Unicomp, based in Lexington, Kentucky. On the left side of the spacebar, from left to right, there's Control, Windows, and Alt. On the right side of the spacebar, from left to right, there's Windows, Alt,
Applications, and Control. As far as I know, the keyboard layout I'm using is Desktop, and the keyboard language is set to US.

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The left and right alt keys may, or may not, be the same depending on your keyboard.

On every keyboard I've ever seen on a computer produced for the United States market, ALT is ALT on both sides. For machines produced for the European market, left ALT has always been ALT, but right ALT is very often ALT GR, which is
not plain old ALT.

If you happen to have a machine with the ALT GR key in the right ALT position you may need to use key mapping software like SharpKeys to re-map ALT GR to straight ALT.

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