Trouble With Right Alt+Arrow Keys

Annabelle Susan Morison

Hi, it's Annabelle.
When I press Right Alt along with any of the Arrow keys on my keyboard, JAWS seems to say, "Not In a Table". For example, I press Right Alt+Left Arrow to move back a page in programs like Firefox or Microsoft Outlook 2003, and it says "Not In a Table". I press Right Alt+Right Arrow to move forward a page, it says "Not in a table". In Microsoft Word 2003, when I press Right Alt+Up/Down Arrow keys to read sentence-by-sentence, it says "Not In a Table". However, when I press Left Alt+arrow keys, JAWS does what it's supposed to do. How do I make it so JAWS recognizes I'm trying to perform the aforementioned commands, no matter which Alt key I press with the Arrow keys? I mean, aren't the Left and Right Alt keys essentially the same? I'm confused on that one!

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