Re: JAWS Becomes Sluggish When Writing Emails in Outlook


File, options advanced. You can either tab forever or shift tab a few times till you get to these options.
Disable hardware graphics acceleration check box checked
Play animated GIFs check box not checked
I as you can see, also have the JIF's disabled and in general, I have pretty much anything having to do with visual indicators or animations turned off wherever I find them.
I believe there's another place in Outlook options where you can access the hardware acceleration checkbox, but this is the one I know of off hand.

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I was not able to figure out how to turn off the hardware accelerator despite playing around with the settings for a fir bit of time.


On 21/04/2019, Sieghard Weitzel <> wrote:
You might want to try and turn off all the spell and grammar checking
as you type in Outlook.

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Sounds like you are getting a heavy CPU load. If it is outlook or some
other program is the question. press start then type msconcfg.exe now
go to the services tab now tab until you hear hide all Microsoft
services and check the box. now shift tab to the list of services and see what all is running.
If you don't recognize it google it and see if you need it. If you see
things like iTunes adobe google or things like that try unchecking
them then click OK. Next open task manager with the ctrl + shift + esc
keys. ctrl
+ tab to the startup tab. now do the same thing as you did in
+ services. Now
after you disable all the junk that really doesn't need to load every
time you start your computer it should run much faster. Dont worry if
anything you do stops a program from working you can just re-enable it the same way.
If you cant find the startup tab you may have to click the more
details button to make it show up.

On 4/20/2019 2:55 PM, Rahul Bajaj wrote:
Hi all,

I use JAWS 2018, Windows 10, Outlook 16. JAWS behaves very sluggishly
in Outlook when crafting messages. I have uninstalled and reinstalled
Outlook, and that has not fixed the issue. I currently write my
emails in Notepad and then copy-paste them which is inconvenient.

Can anyone think of other workarounds? I know that this problem does
not come up for most, but I would nonetheless like to know what you
would do in case you were facing this issue. Thank you so much.


Rahul Bajaj
Candidate for the BCL
Rhodes Scholar (India and Linacre 2018)
University of Oxford

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