Robert Logue

There are all kinds of low cost USB sound cards and low priced computer speakers you can connect to them.

May I make a suggestion for something even easier?

I have a Logitech s-150 digital stereo speaker. It is powered from the USB port and also shows up as a sound device. It costs about $25. It's available on Amazon.

The quality for music is not good so I use it just for screen readers like Jaws.

I have another sound card for music. Luckily, the one on my motherboard sounds good enough for music playback through powered studio monitors on my desk.

I set the onboard sound as default.  Then I set the Logitech s-150 as output for each screen reader.

This works welt most of the time but occasionally screen readers or Windows gets confused and sends the voice to the main card.

I have a couple of tricks to fix that.

One is disconnect then reconnect the USB speaker.

The other is to restart the screen reader.

Hope this helps.


On 2019-04-19 7:32 p.m., Marty Hutchings wrote:
I am about to install JAWS on an Aser laptop with Windows 10 and I want to be able to run a media program like Winamp and not have JAWS speak through the same speakers.  Can I add an external USB sound card that I can plug speakers into for the music media and have JAWS speak through headphones plugged into the laptop's built in jack?  I currently have a Windows 7 desktop with a Sound Blaster card that I play music through while JAWS speaks through the mother board sound jack.

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