Pat Byrne

I am running a Dell desktop - WIN10 with most of the various outputs going through the on-board sound card. I have an external USB sound card that takes care of JAWS.
I am doing essentially the same thing with a Dell laptop with a damaged headphone plug and it too is successful.
Pat ByrneAt 08:32 PM 4/19/2019, you wrote:

I am about to install JAWS on an Aser laptop with Windows 10 and I want to be able to run a media program like Winamp and not have JAWS speak through the same speakers. Can I add an external USB sound card that I can plug speakers into for the music media and have JAWS speak through headphones plugged into the laptop's built in jack? I currently have a Windows 7 desktop with a Sound Blaster card that I play music through while JAWS speaks through the mother board sound jack.

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