Unable to quit JAWS using Insert+F4

surendra KUMAR GUPTA

Hi all,

I hope this Email finds you all in good spirit.

My friend has recently purchased a laptop equipped with Windows10.
Since he is not that tech savvy, he wanted me to install his prefered
apps and do all the necessary settings according to his liking. I
installed JAWS and NVDA successfully; however, I was unable to perform
the Insert+F4 command to quit JAWS by any means, even when setting
keyboard layout to laptop. As I hit Caps lock+F4, JAWS speaks
"Windows+P" and opens a projection listbox with 4 options like,
"Computer only," "Extend" etc. I tried the same via an external USB
keyboard, but to no avail. Besides, Application key for bringing up a
context menu is non-functional, I can easily launch the same with
Shift+F10 though. Now, it really makes me wonder why such a strange is
happening. Your tips and tricks will be highly appreciated.

Surendra Kumar Gupta
Accessibility Testing Engineer,
QA InfoTech,
http://www.qainfotech.com – An Independent Software Testing and
Quality Assurance Company
Skype Id: surendrathegreat24

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