Re: Save Icon not visible

Klaus Vielhauer

The webpage comes from my local Innuos audioserver via lan, therefore you cannot access it externally.
I even dont know what type of object this Icon is.I have asked Innuos long ago to make this Icon accessible or at least add alttext to this graphical Icon - but nothing happened so far.
I tried all cursor modes but no luck.
I also tried graphics labeling but I get a message that I am not in avirtual document.
Jaws has so many options but I am no expert.

On 4/14/2019 10:45 PM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:
I assume it is not possible for anybody to go to this website?
Have you tried to find this with the Jaws cursor or have you tried to tab or to turn off virtual cursor and then tab?

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Subject: Save Icon not visible

I run the latest version of Jaws and Windows 10
Situation: I access a webpage where I can edit music albums for my Innuos audio network player At the right bottom of the screen is a "Save" Icon to save my changes.
Problem: I cannot find this Icon with Jaws - it is probably not labelled nor classed?.
So far,
1. When my wife places the mouse on the Icon the Jaws command "cursor to Jaws" will activate the Icon.
2. I tried to set a placemarker - however since PC cursor to Jaws immediately activates the ICon and it disappears this does not work.
   Or do I miss something so far I could not in Jaws cursor mode set a placemarker?
Please help.

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