Re: Outlook Issue Suddenly Cropping Up

Shankar C

Hi, try this.
1. open the outlook.
2. press windows b to go to the notification tray.
3. press space on Notification Chevron Button.
4. find the outlook by using left and right arrow keys.
5. once the focus is on outlook, press application key or, shift f 10 key.
6. use the down arro key, till the jaws says, click on Show New Mail
Desktop Alert.
7. if its unchecked, just check the desktop alerts and see if it works.

On 4/10/19, Michael Mote <> wrote:
Have you checked in your Outlook settings to make sure that Outlook is set
to play a sound when an email arrives? I wonder if the Outlook volume is
muted for some reason in your volume mixer. You would need to check that
once Outlook is open.

Also, you may want to check in the Windows 10 notifications and see if you
are set up to receive incoming notifications. Just type notifications in
the search box on your Windows 10 computer. Maybe one of these will help
you get your sound back.

From: <> On Behalf Of Alyssa
Sent: Tuesday, April 9, 2019 5:59 PM
Subject: Outlook Issue Suddenly Cropping Up

Hi all.

This doesn't affect JAWS directly, but I was hoping some of you may have
the same issue and have worked around it.

I had to reinstall Windows 10 on Sunday because it decided it would crash

Outlook 2016 is no longer playing a sound when I receive mail. I have
checked Outlook sound options, Windows sound options, and I even made sure
Outlook was the default program for mail in case that was an issue. I've
even Googled to an extent, but nothing I've done has fixed this problem.

Any thoughts?



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