Tunefab Apple Music Converter: Trouble with Conversions

Annabelle Susan Morison

Hi, it's Annabelle.
I recently discovered Tunefab Apple Music Converter (http://www.tunefab.com), and it seems I'm having issues with converting my favorite music from .m4p to other formats. I have at least 100 songs in .m4p format which I'm trying to convert to .m4a, more specifically ITunes + .m4a. This is music I purchased between June 30, 2008 and whenever in 2009 they converted everything to .m4a, though I'm sure there's still lots of .m4p music out there. Whenever I navigate a list of songs that I've made of .m4p music files, JAWS is supposed to tell me whether there's a checkbox that's checked or not checked, and it doesn't seem to say anything but the filename. When I press spacebar, it won't check the selection. When I press Enter, there's an error that says: "Warning: Please check the tracks to convert.". What do I do next?

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