Re: unable to read PDF

Ashleigh Piccinino

Hello Kevin
I don’t know about converting A PDF document. However, can you check for me and see if jaws says, “empty document. “ of course, this is when you either up or down arrow through the document. If jaws says, “empty document, “but A cited helper knows there is something on your screen come The document could  a scanned image. When pDFs are like this,  you can usually press this hotkey. The insert key on your number pad (if you have a regular desktop sized keyboard) and the Space bar is a layered command in jaws. Press these two keys followed by the letter O to get to OCR.You are still not done. Press the D for a document. The screen reader  will say, “OCR started. “It might take a while, but your document should come up, reading as if it were in word. Then, you can read through it, select it and pasted into another program such as words, of course after copying, or just hit the escape key.   after you are done reading your OCR results, press escape Key. I hope this helps, and sorry for any miss spellings. Other than my instructions, I do not know how to help. Sorry about that.
Thank you for your question, and I would be glad to help again if you need it,
Ashleigh S Piccinino

On Apr 10, 2019, at 9:36 AM, Kevin Meyers <kevinmeyers@...> wrote:

Hello, I’m using Jaws2018 and Windoes10. I opened a PDF file and Jaws doesn’t read anything. I didn’t even get the message where Jaws recognizes the PDF and gives option to scan it. I tried to save it as as a MS word file and I get the message I can download the Adobe version that allows me to convert. I use to be able to convert and something happened that no longer allows me to do so. Any thoughts of what I can do? Thanks, Kevin

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