Re: links not being read in chrome, but being read fine in IE

Kevin Meyers <kevinmeyers@...>

I have been creating web sites for a html/css class I’m taking. I could take a look at the actual code and maybe find out what is going on behind the sceens. Do you have the site you are looking at promoted so I can use a url to look at it?


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Sent: Monday, April 8, 2019 9:16 PM
Subject: Re: links not being read in chrome, but being read fine in IE


I have come across this with links when I am reading the MIT articles. Edge, Chrome and Firefox will just say link but IE says the name of the link... Funny the oldist "outdated browser is the only one working correctly. So it is not that they arent labled correctly... Not sure why this happens but it is strange.
On 4/8/2019 2:38 PM, paul lemm wrote:

Hi Steve,


Thanks for the  reply. I have seen that kind of behaviour before with links in chrome, but for these links , even if I move up or down from the link the link name is still not being spoken by Jaws for some reason. I’ve even tried CTRL and f to bring up the search, but even the search function can’t seem to find the link names , it’s like they just aren’t showing for some strange reason in chrome and Firefox.




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Subject: Re: links not being read in chrome, but being read fine in IE


Hi Paul,


Sometimes I find in Chrome, it will say the word Link, then underneath will be the name of the link when you down arrow.  Is it doing that?  Like this:-







On separate lines in the browse buffer.


You see this too on the Wordpress Dashboard, if you go into any option like Updates, then look for the dashboard link, it is not spoken.


I believe this to be a Chrome problem.


All the best




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Sent: 08 April 2019 15:50
Subject: links not being read in chrome, but being read fine in IE


Hi  everyone,


I’m building a word press site. The theme I’m using seems nice and accessible and is working well with screen readers, but I’ve come across 4 links which aren’t being read out by  jaws in chrome and Firefox and jaws just says link, but yet if I use IE the links are read out fine by Jaws  and will for example say ‘link favorites’. I’ve tried with NVDA too and get the same issue. I’m hoping to reach out to the developer/author of the word press theme and see if they can make any adjustments so Jaws will read  out what these four links actually are  , rather than just saying link, but I wanted  to go back to him with a solution as to how to possibly fix the link, so does anyone know the technical reason links wouldn’t read their names in chrome and Firefox but yet would work fine in internet explorer?


Many thanks in advance for any help




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