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Morey Worthington

Hi all. If this is improper to ask this sorry, but it really is a Jaws issue.

Using Jaws 2019, with Windows 10 and Chrome and/or IE.

If any of you are playing fantasy baseball for this season, please go to your League Team page , and please try to help me find the "Undroppaable List", if possible.

There is supposed to be, with  ESPN trying to help, , a header named Players, and under it, is a list of 6 or 7 items and one of them is "Undroppable".

I, and some other blind fantasy players, sure cannot find it.

My sighted friend said the same thing, that it is Under the Players heading.

If anybody can help, sure would appreciate it. This is not a world shattering thing to find, but very interested in finding such things.


Morey Worthington

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