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Tyler Wood


I can guarantee that you can use both home and professional with it.

On 2019-04-07 12:50 p.m., James Homuth wrote:

Yeah, I got remote access an age ago. Actually used it over RDP a time or few because I was lazy. I’ll have to play around with it and see how it works with Teamviewer. If it does, awesome. If it doesn’t and I need pro just for RDP, I’m going to be highly annoyed. I don’t even use the pro features on 7, and I’m running ultimate. LOL


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For my version it does, but now that I think of it I do have remote access enabled on my license. Your mileage may vary.

If it's installed locally and not using actual remote desktop, I wouldn't see why audio couldn't just be routed through. What you're essentially paying for with the remote access add on is the synthosizer itself to be redirected from the remote machine, thus eliminating choppy audio or audio with static in it, which happens if you just try and stream something over rdp and your internet isn't that great. It has I think 3 levels of audio quality - and the quality can reduce drastically if there is a hitch in the connection and doesn't fix itself. With the remote access license, this is gone and the synthosizer, with windows default RDP, is always top notch. I've only done team viewer a couple of times.




On 2019-04-07 12:43 p.m., James Homuth wrote:

Does it? Interesting. I’ll have to play around with that later. You mean you can actually control another user’s machine, with JAWS’s help, over TV?


Also, presumedly there’s a hotkey for exiting TV in fullscreen, or at least reducing it so you can exit it normally, but again… it’s not like I’ve had any practice with that just at present.


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Jaws works over teamviewer, but I'm not sure how to exit the teamviewer session if you're in full screen apart from restarting the target machine.

If anyone has any hints on this let me know.

On 2019-04-07 12:39 p.m., James Homuth wrote:

No, I mean using JAWS over Teamviewer. I know it works just fine if a sighted person’s doing the driving.


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Well, I have windows 10 home and it worked just fine with team viewer 13 as of the summer of last year when I had a session with a sighted person. I was running the latest JAWS and obviously she was not.  Since then I use the JAWS tandem.  The other person broke down and installed JAWS 19 on his computer.   


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This is true. You can connect from Home to Pro just fine, though. RDP server isn’t available on 10 Home. This is why I was curious if JAWS would work with something like Teamviewer. I haven’t tested it yet, and may need to email VFO about it, but if you’re already using Home it seems almost pointless to upgrade to Pro just for RDP. I mean I’d do it, but only on my equipment. I do tech support for the parents, though, and I wouldn’t make them upgrade to Pro just so I can remote in if I didn’t have to.


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This is only true if you have Windows 10 Pro.  Home won’t let you connect unattended to another Home computer.


All the best



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Remote Desktop allows you to connect to your computer provided you know your home computer’s IP address.

You probably also have to set up port forwarding in your router to allow the connection and of course you have to make sure Remote Desktop is enabled for the computer you want to connect to.

If you don’t have a fixed IP address which for a home connection is likely you would have to set up something called a “dynamic DNS” which allows you to set up an easy to remember name and if your IP address changes the service will automatically update this so that the name you set up still works, below is a website with more information:


Lastly, if you use Jaws you may have to contact Vispero, I think Remote Desktop may not be something which works with a basic Jaws license, if I go to Jaws > About it says the following in addition to the version information etc.:


Upgrades Remaining: 2

Remote Access: Enabled

Tandem Direct: Disabled





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Subject: remote access


HI All,


I work from home a bit.  I wanted to know if I am at work on my work computer is there a way I can access my home computer?  What would be a good accessible solution?





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