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Gerald Levy

Forget about the Weather feature in Research It.?? The Braille Wunderground site that Research It uses to obtain its weather information is apparently gone for good.?? Attempting to access it directly results in a server error.?? So unless Vispero modifies JAWS to work with another weather site, this feature will remain broken, just like the Amazon and UPS options, which also seem to be broken, according to reports on another JAWS site. It is time for Vispero to ditch Research It once and for all because it has become a headache for them to maintain.



On 4/6/2019 4:10 PM, Michael Munn wrote:
Hi all, this is Michael.For some reason I can't use the Weather research it.??
This problem has been occured since March.??
When I input a place to get weather info I get this message from Jaws:
Weather Research it for * and got no result.??
I want to know did this problem happened to yours machine?
if it does then I might need to write this to Vispero.??
This is my only way of getting weather information while I'm using Jaws.??
All answers are greatly appreciate it.
best regards??
Michael Munn??

Michael Munn
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