Re: ocr component not installed?


this error happens when i try to use the ocr option when logged in as a standard user, which is my default.
this is not the picture smart. this is another problem.
when i logged into my administrator account the ocr component was found and runs. but not as a standard user.
i don't use the repair option anymore. it has never worked or me. it made jaws worse and had to reinstall it over again several times.

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From: Stan Bobbitt
Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2019 6:15 PM
Subject: Re: ocr component not installed?

Hi, I called FS support about this and they told me to do a JAWS repair. I did and it fixed the problem. Warning, the repair takes a ridiculously long time.
Stan B
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Subject: ocr component not installed?

jaws 19x reports that the ocr component is not installed when i try to use the picture smart to acquire from my del b1165 all in one printer.
but i only get this message when i acquire from the jaws ocr menu.
when i use the shortcut keys it only says that the text could not be found and the scanner head doesn't even move where do i get this ocr driver it wants?
thanks for info.

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