Re: ocr component not installed?


just wondering first.
when i use picture smart or the Convenient OCR component on a file etc. are the images sent to the f s server for processing? this could be a security risk if you are processing confidentual information.
i tried to find the ocr component file but couldn't find it.

i found out two things are going on. grin
the Convenient OCR component is there and installed. but it will not run when i am logged on as a standard user, which is my default log on. this reduces the risk of getting hacked by 90 percent even if i didn't use a antivirus program, which i do.
this part works most of the time. if i run jaws as administrator or when i log on to my administrator account. but not as a standard user.
its the picture smart that doesn't work. the part to acquire from my dell b1165 all in one scanner. not even when i log on to my administrator account.
the rest of picture smart is working.
i press jaws space bar, p then a, and it will say it could not recognize any text.
it will wake up the scanner when it is sleeping but that is all that happens. it does not activate the scan.
my scanner works fine with openbook and windows paint.
i have the same results with windows 7 and 10 64bit.
i also have a second dell, same model with the same results. so its not the all in one.
thanks for the help so far.

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Sounds like you need to install the Convenient OCR component. Go to the Freedom Scientific web site, click on Downloads, then JAWS, and you should find it there. Download and install it and you should be good to go.

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