Re: JAWS and Teamviewer?

Steve Matzura

Unless you have some useful vision, I don't know how you could verify the state of the remote computer without a screenreader. Yes, you could try going to the Desktop in various ways, which might work as long as the computer wasn't hung up on something else, and then of course you could press Alt+F4 to restart it, and heaven only knows if there might be a Windows update pending, in which case the only options on the shutdown menu are shut down or update and  restart. The good side of all of this is that TeamViewer is excellent at recovering from an operating system restart. But you'd be relying a great deal on everything being in just the most perfect of states.

NVDA's resource requirements are very low. Maybe I've been living under a bright star, but NVDA has never crashed, aborted,abended,or otherwise wrongfully terminated while I was using it. JAWS, on the other hand, has suffered from seemingly random spontaneous restarts since at least version 16 as I recall.

On 4/3/2019 2:28 AM, James Homuth wrote:

And hope like hell NVDA doesn’t crash. That’s why I wanted to use Teamviewer. At least then if the screenreader crashes I don’t need to be local to the machine to restart it.


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The best approach is NVDA Remote. You just have to leave it on and connected all the time while you're away.


On 3/30/2019 2:18 AM, James Homuth wrote:

Has anyone used these two together? Preferably, with the remote access options enabled? I’ll be looking for a new desktop shortly and would like to be able to access it remotely if I’m not home. For example: ducking around certain corporate firewalls. *cough* Is this doable? And, how much of a pain is it? I do have the remote access option already, but unless I feel like installing Windows 10 pro, remote desktop isn’t going to be a thing. Will this work?

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