Re: Strange issue with JAWS

turab chimthanawala

Hi Shankar,
Have turned off the shortcut. Hope I don't face any problem in future.
Thanks for the tip.

On 4/3/19, Shankar C <harshalgips@...> wrote:
windows plus g is the key shortcut to open the game bar.
so, I am assuming that, some time, when you press the letter, g,
windows key also get pressed.
so, Please turn off the game bar from the Xbox app

On 4/3/19, turab chimthanawala <turabhvc@...> wrote:
Hi all,
I use JAWS 2018 on a Windows 10 machine.
Of late Jaws has been doing strange things.. When I type the letter
"g" either while browsing on the net or while saving a file name, a
kind of task bar appears(the screen displays all the tabs open).
Why would this be happening?

Thanking you

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thanks and regards

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