Re: JAWS and Teamviewer?

James Homuth

And hope like hell NVDA doesn’t crash. That’s why I wanted to use Teamviewer. At least then if the screenreader crashes I don’t need to be local to the machine to restart it.


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Subject: Re: JAWS and Teamviewer?


The best approach is NVDA Remote. You just have to leave it on and connected all the time while you're away.


On 3/30/2019 2:18 AM, James Homuth wrote:

Has anyone used these two together? Preferably, with the remote access options enabled? I’ll be looking for a new desktop shortly and would like to be able to access it remotely if I’m not home. For example: ducking around certain corporate firewalls. *cough* Is this doable? And, how much of a pain is it? I do have the remote access option already, but unless I feel like installing Windows 10 pro, remote desktop isn’t going to be a thing. Will this work?


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