Re: Now, sometimes I cannot convert to OCR an image PDF document

Chris Hill

Well, this sounds like the same problem I had a while back after an upgrade of either jaws or adobe.  Go into preferences in adobe, to enhanced security and disable theprotected mode at startup.

on 3/31/2019 10:29, Peter Tesar wrote:

Hello List,

There are two ways to use the Jaws OCR to convert an image PDF file.

I have noticed a change when trying one way, the other still works.


I recently had to switch to a new hard disk. This meant I had to download and install: Windows 10 version 1809, the latest Jaws 2019 and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC v19.10.200.


Before this complete upgrade, I could open a PDF image file either as a Thunderbird attachment or by pressing ENTER on the PDF file in the directory tree. There was then a Yes/No prompt for Jaws to do the OCR of the document.


Now, there is no “alert empty document” message nor is there the prompt to do the OCR.


I get the Virtual cursor. It is a blank window but the Jaws plus page-down command gives: Start free trial.


When I turn off the Virtual cursor and start the OCR with

  Jaws plus space bar then o.


Pressing “d” (for a document), I get: OCR failed to start.

Pressing “w” (for a window), gives me the OCR converted text.


The PDF document is converted but,

On the right of some lines are these statements:

   Create PDF

   Edit PDF

   With Acrobat Pro DC

   Start free trial


The second way to convert PDF to text, still works. Highlight the PDF file in the directory tree or File Explorer,

the applications key has:    select “convenient OCR with Jaws”.


When I do an OCR of the window, the PDF and Pro DC message share the window. This seems to prevent Jaws from converting the PDF document.


How do I get rid of the start free trial with Acrobat Pro DC?



Peter T.

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