Re: Another Outlook E-mail Group Question

Tom Behler

Thanks, Brian.


Will continue to work on things here.


I can always keep the group list in the other folder if needed.


Then, all I have to do is remember that it’s there!  (LOL)


Tom Behler



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Subject: Re: Another Outlook E-mail Group Question




       Just as an idea, you might want to consider maintaining your lists external to Outlook itself.  You can export and import contact lists to Excel CSV format, and it might be easier to make changes to the Excel file, delete the existing list in Outlook, and import the revisions.  I have not tried this end-to-end but it should be simple enough to do a test case to see if it's viable.  I did export just a Contact Group this afternoon, and the initial text file could be edited, too, but since the fields are tab separated there's a much higher risk for screwing things up, so doing the conversion to Excel makes things a bit more foolproof.



       Contact Groups are, in actuality, a view of existing contacts, not a separate copy of those contacts.  I'm not quite sure how one can relocate them, at least not without additional details.


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