Another Outlook E-mail Group Question

Tom Behler

Hello, everyone.


In light of the problems I am having with regard to effectively navigating and editing an e-mail group, I got some assistance, and have now created the group I need.


However, in creating the group, the group accidentally got saved to the wrong Outlook contacts folder.


Does anyone know how to move an e-mail group from one contacts folder to another?


I have tried the standard copy and paste method, but have been unsuccessful thus far.


Any help would be appreciated.


On a related note, I’m going to call Freedom Scientific and possibly the Microsoft Accessibility Hotline about the ongoing problem with navigating e-mail group lists with Jaws, and will let the list  know if I find out anything of major importance.


Once again, for the record, I’m using Windows 10, Outlook 2016, and the latest build of Jaws 2019 here.


Thanks, all!


Tom Behler




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