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The iTunes match is a paid service that allows you to get matches for music
of poor quality to be able to play it on any of you i devices through the
cloud. don't ask for more technical details please, read about it in the
manual that comes the phone, or the David Pogue book Missing manual for the
IPhone fifth edition on bookshare.

The Missing Manual book explains better than the apple manual in my humble
opinion. The manual from the phone is in Safari, the web browser, or can be
downloaded into iBook's a free book reader from apple.

Rose Combs

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Have no idea at all what it's all about. Have you tried looking at any help
files or perhaps putting "What is iTunes Match" into a Google search?

I'm not sure this it related to JAWS.

Dave Carlson
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Recently, I downloaded Ninite.

I found iTunes under the menu Accessible. Ninite updated Itunes, but
now I have a selection called iTunes Match.

When I clicked iTunes Match, it mentions the cloud. Can someone help me?


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