Re: Using jaws on mark book pro

Palmer Loux

The primary issues is with the Mac laptop keyboard which does not have bumped numlockand insert keys like you are used to in a Windows laptop
Yes a MacBook Pro can be bootcamped with a Windows OS but you will not be happy with the Mac keyboard layout if you are used to JAWS proficiency in Windows laptop
Yes you can designate Caps Lock as the JAWS key in Options basics but you will give up some nice keys and windows commands..

On Mar 9, 2019, at 4:00 PM, Adekoya Rasak <> wrote:

I have a mark book pro laptop. Can I install jaws on it if i install windows OS on it.

Will it work well with the jaws and window key command? Any one with experience on this.

Thank you

Palmer from CBVI

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