Re: How to change margins using MS Word ribbons?

Peter Tesar

Thanks for your responses.

The alt+q does not work but the alt+P might.

I should have mentioned that I have Word 2007 with the latest version of Jaws 2019 with the virtual ribbon feature turned on.

Perhaps the alt+q works with a more recent version then with the Word 2007 that I have.

Brian suggested:

                ALT+P,M  (Layout Ribbon, Margins option)

The alt+p gives me:

    virtual ribbons, page layout tab

Pressing "m" gives me:

   lower ribbon, create submenu

From here I tried tabbing and arrowing down, left, right and up.

I can't find a layout ribbon.

Nothing was heard that might lead to a path to margins.

Any more suggestions on where to navigate from alt+p?


Peter T.

On 3/25/2019 5:28 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

             ALT+P,M  (Layout Ribbon, Margins option)
             You can then down arrow through a variety of common margin settings to select from OR if you want custom margins, Hit A, which brings up the Page Layout dialog with the Margins Tab selected and open.  The various fields in the Margins tab are self explanatory (except, perhaps for Gutter, which I never change).


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