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Mike B

Hi Richard,
Here's a brief tutorial I wrote awhile back but, it still holds true.
Whenever you open MWB you will hear Jaws report various Tabs as you Tab through the interface.  The tabs are Dashboard, Scan, Quarantine, Reports, & Settings 
If you press the spacebar on any one of the tabs this selects this tab and now you have to tab many times to get to this tabs options.
Let's take the Scan tab for instance.  If you check this tab., and tab several times you will come to its options for this selection.  Scan Type & Scan
Schedule are its 2 options.  Press the spacebar on which option, then tab to review your choices for the selected option.  When you are through tabbing
through that tabs options you will wratp around to the beginning of the innerface.  Check another tab, and you start all over again tabbing to options
for the selected tab.  This is why I said earlier that the latest MWB is accessible, but requires tabbing like hell to review all the Tabs, options, &
Your question about selecting Quarantined items is tough to answer because I haven't figured out a reliable & consistent way of doing this, so I use a
combination of OCR, Jaws cursor, & Touch cursor gymnastics, or get someone sighted to select them all & remove!  LOL  LOL 
Here's an example I'll use on finding the scan options:
Open MWB and tab to, Scan Tab, press the spacebar to check it.
Tab to, Scan Types, and this should be checked, press the spacebar to check it if it isn't.
Tab to, Threat Scan, and this should be checked by default.  When you tab to this , Jaws should report some information about this scan.  Tab 1 time, this
the Custom scan option, again Jaws should read some info about selecting this scan.  Tab 1 time, and this is the Hyper scan, and again Jaws should read
information about this scan when you tab to it.  If you want to select either the, Custom, or Hyper, scans press the spacebar to select the scan, but the
Threat scan, is probably your best choice and only takes a few minutes to run.
Tab 1 more time to the, Start Scan, button and press the spacebar to start.
If you ran a scan you would select the Reports tab and tab to the table of scans that you would choose from to review its results.  If you want quarantined
items, select the, Quarantine tab....
It is really hard to describe this latest version of MWB, and the way I learned was to wear out my tab key, and pay close attention to various buttons,
comboboxes, and whatever you will come across by selecting the diferent tabs, then reviewing the options of them.
I hope this helps, and I know I probably confused the hell out of you, but the best way to get acclamated with is to spen some time with it, paying close
attention to what Jaws reports.

Take care.  Mike.  Sennt from my iBarstool.
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Subject: Malware Bytes

I had not installed Malware Bytes before.

I only want the home free version.

I plan to only run it when I choose to.

It seems to insist on the 14 day trial of the premium version.

And, even saying No Thanks, I just want to scan, nothing seems to happen.


Are there scripts I should install, or some basic instructions somewhere?





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