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JM Casey

Ah, neat!



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you can jump to 5 seconds before the end of a track by pressing alt plus r.

On 3/22/2019 10:54 AM, JM Casey wrote:

Not that I know of, but now that it's been asked, I am looking into it.
However if you hold that right or left arrow down (as opposed to just
pressing it over and over again) it will rewind or fast forward very quickly
indeed, or at least it should.
To get to something like the end of the track, I usually use the "jump to
time" command. Of course, doing this means you sort of need to at least be
able to estimate when the track ends, or to look at the total time, which is
usually shown in the playlist editor.
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Pressing that right arrow quickly multiple times will move ahead quickly,
but not sure if there is a way to make the jumps larger.
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Hi all. A little Winamp question...
While playing a track in Winamp, if I want to move it ahead while
playing, I press the right arrow key and it moves it ahead a very little
amount, like 5 or so seconds. Is there some setting where I can make it
move ahead by a greater amount of time, and or, move the pointer as it
were to the end of a song?
Hope this makes sense.
Morey Worthington

Dennis Cornelison



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