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JM Casey


Looks like you might need to download a winamp plugin to increase the
deefault duration of the skip forward/back keypresses, do this, but it can
be done.
However, most winamp plugins now are really old. A lot of them can still be
found though. Trys earching for a plugin called "repeater". Looks like it
will do it, but the last posts about it I found are from 2005, after a quick

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Pressing that right arrow quickly multiple times will move ahead quickly,
but not sure if there is a way to make the jumps larger.

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Hi all. A little Winamp question...

While playing a track in Winamp, if I want to move it ahead while
playing, I press the right arrow key and it moves it ahead a very little
amount, like 5 or so seconds. Is there some setting where I can make it
move ahead by a greater amount of time, and or, move the pointer as it
were to the end of a song?

Hope this makes sense.


Morey Worthington

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