Re: serious itunes issues

Jessica D <jldail13@...>

I have a windows 10 pc, which is running the latest version of jaws. 

On Mar 22, 2019, at 6:32 AM, Richard Turner <richardturner42@...> wrote:

Without knowing what kind of computer you have, or what you have checked or unchecked in iTunes; it would be very difficult to give suggestion via email.
If you have a Mac; you should call Apple Accessibility at 877-204-3930.
If a Windows machine; call Microsoft Accessibility 800-936-5900.
Whether your version of iTunes supports creating ringtones doesn't matter if you cannot find your music.
iTunes had supported making ringtones from purchased music; but I have always used third party programs.
But you need to find your music first.

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On Mar 22, 2019, at 1:52 AM, Chris via Groups.Io <chrismedley@...> wrote:

You cant, the latest iTunes do not support the editing of songs for ringtones


You can use a third party program to create your ringtone and you can still sync it o  to your device


But that about it I afraid


Or you could just purchase the ringtone from iTunes instead

A lot easier and a lot less hassle



From: Jessica D
Sent: 22 March 2019 02:50
To: Jaws user list
Subject: serious itunes issues



I'm trying to create a ringtone from a song I bought today.


I'm not sure why this is, but I can't find any of my music in itunes.

It just shows my voice memos, which isn't what I want.


How can I fix this?







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