Re: Zoom advice needed

Gudrun Brunot

Good idea, Steve, and that's what I did, sent them a help request. I've not
as yet gotten my stuff straightened out, but I've learned the following:
There are 4 ways of signing up, work, via Google, via Facebook, or single
subscriber option (SSO) If you are an SSO subscriber, you can not change
your email address, and you have to contact technical support for that. They
did call me this morning, but I was out, and my husband answered. They told
him they would email me, which I wish he'd told them not to do... "Call her
back, for crying out loud!" Well, he didn't say that, so I've called again
and left another very polite message...


Please note my new email of

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How about writing to Zoom support?

On 3/18/2019 3:19 PM, Gudrun Brunot wrote:

Hello all: I installed Zoom last year, before I changed my email
server and account. I've tried to find a way to change my email address, but
can't. It's a free account. I couldn't find a way to close the present
account either, thinking I could open a new account with the proper email
address. Any advice?

All best,


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