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I’m obviously not understanding the English… you mentioned selecting… I got it… I have to “highlight” the picture and then hit shift F10. Then arrow down to the format picture option… all working… I either need a nap or more coffee lol. Thank you for your help, I do owe you one.




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          The only reason you would not get "format picture" showing up in a context menu is if a picture object is not selected.  Context menus are directly based upon, well, context - and the picture object must be checked before the context menu for same will appear when you hit SHIFT+F10, the context menu/applications key, or right click.

           As JM Casey has already noted, if actual or emulated right click is used, the mouse pointer itself must be hovering over the selected picture.  If it isn't, the moment the right click is performed focus shifts to wherever the actual system mouse pointer is located.  The context menu key and SHIFT+F10 are not dependent on mouse pointer position at all, only on what object is currently selected, so it a picture is currently selected the Format Picture is one of the items in the context menu that appears.

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